High quality voice
and sms traffic

High-speed wireless Internet and +371 phone numbers.
Intelligent voice services, voice and SMS traffic transit.

About Company

VENTA Mobile was established in 2015. The company was created by specialists who have been working in the communications market for more than 15 years.

In 2016 VENTA Mobile became an associated GSMA member (GSM Association)

At the moment we offer mobile services in the territory of Latvia. We are in the process of making key roaming contracts around the world.

We invest in advanced technology for routing and traffic processing, cloud storage and secure data transmission as well as intelligent services.

Through the development of VENTA Mobile’s own platform we have the opportunity to guarantee instantaneous SMS delivery to more than 190 countries worldwide to any mobile operator, provide all possible routing for phone calls, develop cloud storage and personal access to it.

Reliability, responsibility and focusing on results are our key features and a constant formula for the success of our company.

Our goal is to offer innovative and up-to-date services in the market, as well as traditional packages of communication services.

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